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1. Up to how many sneakers/shoes can fit in the duffle bags and backpacks?

Our VAULV Duffle 022 can hold up to 4 PAIRS of sneakers/shoes. 

Our VAULV Duffle 015 can hold up to 3 PAIRS of sneakers/shoes.

Our VAULV Urban Backpack 020 can hold up to 2 PAIRS of sneakers and 1 PAIR of slides.

2. Up to what shoe size can fit in the duffle bags and backpacks?

For the VAULV Duffle 022, usually shoe sizes up to SIZE 13 MENS can fit inside the bag. If you adjust the removable and adjustable dividers, shoe sizes SIZE 14-15 MENS can fit as well. 

For the VAULV Duffle 015 and the VAULV Urban Backpack 020, shoe sizes up to SIZE 12 MENS can fit inside the bag.

3. Are your duffle bags and backpacks carry-on approved?

Yes, our duffle bags and backpacks are CARRY-ON APPROVED. This allows you to travel with the bag as long as it is within the airline weight limit of 7kg.

4. Up to what laptop size can fit in the duffle bags and backpacks?

The VAULV Duffle 022 can hold up to a 15" laptop, while the VAULV Duffle 015 can hold up to a 13" laptop.

The VAULV Urban Backpack 020 and the VAULV All-Day Backpack 020 can both hold up to a  16" laptop.

5. What is the weight capacity of the duffle bag?

Our VAULV Duffles can hold a maximum weight of around 16kg (35lbs), while our VAULV Backpacks can hold a maximum weight of around 10kg (22lbs).